How you can help

How are the humanitarian efforts happening?

In addition to transporting refugees to safety, we deliver food and basic necessities to five safe houses--two in Kyiv, three in Lviv, and another in Poland coming soon. With your help we can...

  • purchase Amazon wish list items and receive them in Poland

  • provide bedding, groceries, diapers, and other basic necessities through Venmo @tf824

  • communicate with refugees through the sponsorship of interpreters

  • transfer more families with the sponsorship of drivers and fuel

In addition:

  • Deliveries will be made in person by Quan Nguyen and Hawk

  • We are partnering with another non-profit to fulfill medical needs

Sponsor an Interpreter

Fleeing one's country comes with many challenges, one of them being communication. For $800/month, you can sponsor an interpreter to help refugees overcome an obstacle, and help them get to their destination with less confusion.

Sponsor a Safe house

We now have five safe houses all requiring basic necessities and groceries. For $1,500/month, you will ensure refugee families have a comfortable, safe, and clean shelter as well as provide them with healthy meals.

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